Hey, who likes to pay more taxes than they need to?

We sure don’t, and we know you don’t either. The ever-changing landscape of tax laws makes it hard for many business owners to keep up with the latest developments.

We love numbers, so we’ll take that burden off you. You’ll have more time to do what you love, and you’ll save taxes too!

When was the last time your accountant called you with a
tax-saving idea?

Unlike many CPA firms, we don’t just give you a tax return at the end of the year. We work proactively with our clients all year long. We’ll help you save taxes while building your business and long-term wealth at the same time. You’ll get tax-saving ideas that make sense for you and help you reach your goals. Our decades of experience gives us the expertise to simplify even the most complex tax situations.

  • Individual, corporate and partnership returns

Our expertise in tax that means you’ll get every deduction and credit you’re entitled to. We stay on top of the constant changes in Federal and state taxes so you won’t be caught by surprise at changes that impact your bottom line.

  • Pro-active tax planning

Our holistic approach means we look at your entire financial picture and your long-term goals to create a wealth-building strategy that’s right for you. No more tax time surprises when you work with us all year.

  • Succession planning for businesses

We know firsthand how challenging this transition can be, and how rewarding it is when done right. Our firm has been several ownership changes over the last five decades, so we can help you with yours. Whether you’re considering selling your business to an outsider or want to pass it on to a trusted employee or family member, we can give you the unbiased and sound advice you need to make those decisions.

  • Choice of entity for your business

Choosing the right entity type for your business has a broad impact on your taxes and how it operates. We can help you choose the business form that gives you the right combination of tax-savings, protection from liabilities, and operational flexibility.

  • Restructuring assistance

As your business grows and changes, switching to a new business structure may be needed. A different structure can offer opportunities to save in taxes or change how your business operates. We’ll give you the guidance and support to make those changes successfully.

  • Estate planning

You love your family and want to be assured they’ll be taken care of after you’re gone. Our approach to estate planning looks at your business interests, the needs of your family, and the resources available to create your desired legacy while saving taxes and simplifying matters for your heirs.

  • Trust tax returns

Trusts are a vital tool for successful estate planning and business succession planning. We can help you determine the right structures, and take care of all the tax filing requirements.

  • Help with IRS notices

Getting a letter from the IRS or another state tax authority is no fun. We have the experience to help you resolve any issues as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

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